Decoration techniques

IMS Glass Decor is able to meet even the most refined requirements of its customers thanks to the use of the most modern methods of decoration and the use of a wide range of different inks.

Screen printing I - direct transfer of paints to glass by a printing machine with the use of earlier exposed screen and squeegee adjusted to it, depending on the paint used, fired in temperature 570°C (half-resistant) - 630°C (full resistant more abrasion and dishwashing resistant, because of the firing temperature suitable only for thick walls glasses)

Screen printing II - direct decoration, possible also indirect decoration, with the use of organic paints of much wider range of colours but less resistant to abrasion and washing in mechanical dishwashers, fired in temperature below 200°C

Etch-white screen printing - one colour decoration with the use of white flat

Decal - indirect decoration, transfer of paints to glass with the use of a transparent film, called the decal, depending on the kind of paints used, fired at temperature 570°C (half-resistant) - 630°C (fully resistant, more abrasion and dishwashing resistant, because of the firing temperature suitable only for thick walls glasses)

Frosting - usually glass processing with the use of acids for the result of milky colour of the outer surface

Lustre - glass painting with special lustre paints with the use of a brush or spray to get the result of other colour of a chosen part or shading the whole object

Thermo-chromatic decoration - decora- tion with the use of thermo-chromatic paints which appear under the influence of temperature change, i.e. when pouring a cold drink the earlier invisible decoration appears on the surface

Ice decoration - transparent relief decora- tion non-resistant to washing in mechanical dishwashers

Wallpaper decoration - indirect decoration and direct decoration covering at least 50% of the surface of decorated glass, usually more expensive for decals and for screen printing

Gold rim - mechanical or manual decoration with gold of concentration 8-12% of upper and side edge of glassware

Pressed decoration - customer's company and advertisement emblems placed on the glass surface, transferred directly from the mould

Metallic decoration - direct decoration with the use of paints containing precious metals such as gold or platinum or metallic paints




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