Small dictionary of glass and decorations

Gauge-mark - firm marking of nominal capacity on the glass, i.e. capacity measure (usually by screen printing or sand blasted) Acceptable tolerance of the measure is ± 2-4% of nominal capacity, depending on the size of glass. Usually the signature of decorator responsible for the proper marking is put under the measure

Ceramic decoration - in terms of IMS technology decoration, it is an on-glaze decoration

Pressed decoration - company emblems, customer's advertisement emblems put on the glass surface transferred directly from the mould

Optical inks - symmetric structure inside or outside of the glass surface interfering with the transparency of walls

Organic paints - paints with definitely wider range of colours, less abrasion resistant, fired in temperature below 200°C

Colours conflict - we use it mainly in reference to screen printed decorations; under strong influence of aggression of some colours, i.e. red, blue or yellow towards precious metals a chemical reaction takes place, which blurs sharp colour contours or introduces additional boarder colours

Decoration margin - distance between side line of glass outline and the edge line of decoration - at least 1 cm; by exceeding the distance, the decoration moves to the field of the so called wallpaper decoration

Electronic material - decoration design on a floppy disk, CD-ROM or sent by e-mail as a file in vectorial form (curves), enabling quick preparation of films for production of decals patterns or for preparation of screens. The following formats are accepted: Adobe Illustrator 8.0, Adobe Photoshop 5.0, Macromedia Freehand 8.0 and Corel Draw 8.0

Frosting - usually, acid processing of glass for the result of milky colour of the outer surface

Decoration distance - at least 20 mm from the rim, as the safe distance between decoration and the surface of physical contact of a consumer with a glass

Moussier point - intentional violation of bottom structure with a diamond drill or laser for getting the effect of 'bubbles' directly from the point in carbonated drinks (sparkling wine, beer)

Direct screen printing - transfer of paints to glass by a printing machine with the use of earlier exposed screen and a squeegee adjusted to it

Indirect screen printing - transfer of paints to glass with the use of a transparent film called the decal

Mouth-blown glass - glass usually produced in smaller quantities, much more expensive than the automatically formed glass, showing less dimension stability, however, in some cases irreplaceable by automatic production for economic or technological reasons

Own moulds - some companies undertake additional financial effort and buy specially designed moulds in factories, to get the exclusive right for the given kind of glass. Often, the purchase of a mould is the condition of starting the production of a new model of glassware

Abrasion resistance of decorations - resistance measured with the maximal number of washing cycles in gastronomic dishwashers which do not influence the quality of decoration. Because of low hardness, precious metals fade in the first place. Paints fade during washing quicker or slower, depending on the degree of their resistance and the technology of firing used. It is possible to influence the durability of each decoration (check the leaflet concerning care information included in every packing with glass decorated by IMS Glass Decor)

Brim - (s-rand) glass rim is heated-up in higher temperature than the rest of glass, which results in local melting of glass increasing the glass impact resistance

Ice decoration - transparent relief decoration

Fully resistant decoration - decal or screen printing decoration with fully resistant paints, i.e. the most resistant to abrasion, fired in temperature 630°C. Because of the firing temperature, it is suitable only for thick walls glasses

Wallpaper decoration - decoration covering at least 50% of the surface of decorated glass, usually more expensive both for decals and for screen printing

Gold rim - decoration of rim with gold of concentration 8-12%

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