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Since many years IMS Glass Decor has been a company where even the most bold ideas and different creations come true in the atmosphere of technical development, responsibility and pleasant co-operation.


Imagine in a small village near Poznań surrounded by forests and fields, nearby a pond and there, among houses at Złota 3 street, operates the decoration factory which is named by the office workers ZŁOTKOWO. Approx. 60 people are employed here. White buildings of warehouses and production halls that are visible from a long distance hide the every day effort to make decorations, sometimes in conditions of high temperatures.


Glass chosen by the customer is delivered to the warehouse where it awaits the quality reception. Then it is moved to production. Depending on the kind of decoration chosen by the customer and on the kind of glass, the glass is decorated by the method of indirect screen printing i.e. decals or direct screen printing with the use of several different printing machines. If, in case of decals, there are no restrictions as for the colour, in direct screen printing in turn it is limited by 8 colours. Rich experience from the co-operation with German producer of decals, Ritzenhof Grafic fully confirms the thesis. Decals are applied manually, which requires skilful hands and a sharp eye.


Italian and German printing machines, although limited by the number of colours, print in so perfect way that after firing it is difficult to determine the method used. Also gold is applied mechanically to rims of drinking glasses and stemware, the glass is mechanically marked. In different stages of production it is a subject to quality control to check it finally before packing and dispatch to customer.

All decorations require thermal fixation in temperatures from 200°C to 620°C. It takes place in two tunnel lehrs of length over 20 m. Abrasion resistance depends on firing temperature, the kind of paint used and the kind of glass. Leaflets on conservation methods of glass, attached to every carton, give further information on the treatment of glass, which guarantees its long life.

The image which we want to show on glass may be a simple graphic, but it also may be an image of a photograph. It may be usual, flat, but also convex, i.e. relief. Relief may also be transparent, imitating the effect of writing with glass. Also during production of glass it is possible to get the effect of pressed emblem. Glass may originate from regular offer of many glass factories, as it may also be designed and made especially against order. In the other case, if the quantities of the ordered glass are big enough, the cost of moulds should also be considered.

IMS Glass Decor finds its special competitiveness in wide offer of beer, wine, vodka, water or champagne stemware. It is thanks to co-operation with German glass factory Ritzenhoff Cristal AG.

It does not mean, however, that we ignore other kinds of glasses. There are decorated millions of drinking tumblers, hundreds thousand of ceramic mugs and beer mugs, thousands of ashtrays, pots, bottles, bowls, vases or plates or cups. IMS is able to deliver almost any kind of packing according to the earlier approved design.

Our trump cards:

- monthly production ability: 2.500.000 pcs
- working capacity of decals 40.000 pcs/day
- 7 different machines for direct screen printing,
   including an 8-colour state-of the-art. machine
- turnover for 2022: over 25 mln PLN i.e. over 6,25 mln Euro
- creativeness and flexibility in the range of form of packing
   of decorated glass.


We expect our customers to provide us only with the initiative, as designs can be prepared in the factory but also by the customer. In the other case we only require the design to be stored on one of determined data storage media. It is worth to remember that the factory prepares designs free of charge, so just call the number (+48 61) 863-84-30

We kindly invite to co-operation


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