Branded glass for brand products

Modern marketing requires the producers of promotion and advertising materials to establish new advertisement media, at the same time requiring their closer connection with the goods that are subject to the offer, expects the expanding visual attractiveness and usefulness, which besides the scale of production is the guarantee of the mass reception.

The answer to the demand was the establishment of precursor Polish joint venture company IMS Glass Decor Sp. z o.o. (Ltd.). Practically, the establishment of the company has preceded even the home market requirements for decorated glass, which for IMS meant the production mainly for export. It was a valuable chance to become acquainted with the high quality requirements of western importers, development of modern techniques of glass decoration and the opportunity to organize production on the basis of western orders.

Today's IMS, after nine years development, is a company known at European, and even more at Polish market, delivering glass to the most important breweries in Poland, most producers of alcohols, juices, mineral water, coffee and tobacco products. European receivers of IMS Glass Decor products are, among others, breweries from Germany, the Netherlands, France and Switzerland.

It is not by chance, that the biggest receivers of products decorated by IMS are mainly the producers of drinks. Decoration on glassware designed for the consumption of drinks is necessary towards the need of constant advertising. IMS is happy to observe the constantly increasing demand, and, which is connected with it, orders for advertising glassware coming from other production sectors, which are not connected with the production of drinks. It is a market with a big growth potential.

Development of brands increases the demand for the visual identification of goods. The brand becomes the instrument of getting new, and strengthening the old, strong positions at the market. It is observed that consumers get used to the glass in which they are usually served their favourite drink.

Considering that, many companies with a stable position at the market decide to choose exclusive glassware, designed specially for them, trade registered in the later stage.

Glass is identified with a brand much longer than a short living advertisements. IMS is an effective connector between the demand and the production apparatus of the whole world. In the country it bases on the co-operation with the shareholder Krosno S.A. & Trendglass, abroad IMS gets glass practically from any glass works in Europe, USA, South America or Far East.

Universalism and flexibility are the basic advantages of IMS. There are no orders too small or too big for the factory. Still it works below its production capacity.

Our priority is reliability, but not less valuable is the versatility understood as the constant matching the requirements of designs and customer's creations, even, if they do not refer to the glass itself. We mean here different services: specific packing, difficult markings, complicated logistics, new decoration techniques, designs, prolonged storage. Most of them are possible thanks to short, direct way between the sales department and production.

All these compose the success of the factory where work people are strongly engaged and identifying with the further lot of the company.

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